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Our firm understands the host of complex financial and regulatory issues that those with HUD-insured loans face, and that they can prove difficult to navigate alone. Using industry specific tactics and solutions to help our clients achieve their goals is at the forefront of our team’s mind. From audits to agreed-upon procedures on HUD submissions, to assistance in resolving HUD findings, our team is ready to serve as a trusted advisor in developing a plan specific to your organization that ensures you are in compliance.

When working with our HUD clients, our team strives to work within our clients’ timelines to provide them with excellent service and make the process as easy as possible. We offer the following services to our HUD clients to meet the specific needs of the industry and to help them achieve their goals:


  • Audits in accordance with the HUD Audit Guide
  • Assistance with HUD submissions
  • Agreed-upon procedures on HUD submissions
  • Assistance in resolving HUD findings

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Industry specific knowledge helps us to implement results-driven solutions.

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