Advice and results-driven solutions to impact the lives of our clients.

Our services help clients conquer challenges and prepare for the future.

Since the beginning of our business, DHW has provided top-notch service to our clients. Whether you are a business owner, executive, or an independent professional, our team of skilled professionals can help you with a variety of services to help you achieve your goals. From business services to tax services, DHW has you covered.

Accounting & Assurance

Let our team pay attention to the details of your financial statements so you can focus on your business. With DHW’s assurance services, we get to know your business like our own to empower growth and help you meet your financial statement needs. We work closely with you to provide services such as compilations, reviews and audits that allow you to communicate your organization’s financial position to key stakeholders in a clear and concise manner.

Tax Compliance & Planning

Strategic tax planning can save you both time and money. Our team of knowledgeable tax professionals is ready to take you beyond the numbers of tax compliance and planning by proactively recommending tax savings strategies that help maximize your after-tax income.

Employee Benefit Plan Audit

We know that you and your team put in hard work today to secure your future, which is why it is important to have a trusted advisor to complete your employee benefit plan audit. Our team of experienced professionals has specialized knowledge to ensure your employee benefit plan audit follows unique and complex requirements to achieve the highest quality audit possible.


Our extensive knowledge on a number of industries and niche markets allows us to provide valuable insight that boosts our clients’ success. By monitoring updates and changes to laws and regulations, we ensure that we are providing the highest level of service and presenting the most accurate information to our clients. We also have a wealth of experience using technologies that help to collect and quickly mine your valuable financial and statistical data.  Data analytics should be a top down approach, starting with the end in mind, and drilling down to the details to uncover the golden nuggets.  Odds are, you already own the necessary software.  We will help you to better utilize what you already have.

Business Solutions

Inefficient business practices will hurt the operational performance of your business and hinder growth. Our team provides insight and advice for processes that are repetitive and time consuming, but do not add profit or cash to the business. DHW can help you create strategic business processes that will save both time and money.  We see opportunities for improvement in almost every business we work with, so we are not shy to recommend the proper combination of human and technology resources to achieve higher goals and improved processes.