Serving clients with industry specific knowledge and insights.

Helping clients achieve their goals and inspiring growth.

Our firm is proud to serve clients spanning across a wide range of industries. Members of the DHW team proactively monitor updates regarding regulations and laws that impact the industries we serve in order to provide the highest level of service to our clients. Our firm has specialized knowledge that allows us to provide a number of accounting, advisory, assurance and business solution services that help our clients achieve their goals and stimulate growth.


Keeping up with constantly changing reimbursements systems and business strategies can be a daunting task for any healthcare organization.   Our team is actively involved in several health care trade associations that look out for the interests of health care providers.  We manage a large Administrative Services Organization that represents 90% of North Carolina’s ICF/IID Providers.  We also collect and disseminate key performance indicators for providers of ICF/IID, Innovations Waiver, Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living services.  We routinely participate in forums designed to proactively improve the cash collections and management of healthcare organizations, including providers and managed care organizations.

Manufacturing & Distribution

With a deep understanding of the complexities of the manufacturing and distribution industry, our team knows you must operate your business like a well-oiled machine in order to achieve optimal performance. We’re here to walk you through the steps of creating and implementing cost accounting systems, selecting software to reach your goals, and better managing your business’ inventory and identifying strategies designed to achieve operational efficiencies.


Nonprofit organizations have more on their plate than just fulfilling their mission. Organizational performance should be top-of-mind for not only for-profit organizations, but for nonprofits as well. In order to live your organization’s mission, your back office operations must be working to improve processes and boost proficiency. Our team can help you improve your performance so that you can make every dollar count.


Our team knows that those with loans guaranteed by the Department of  Housing and Urban Development face a host of complex financial and regulatory issues that can prove difficult to navigate alone. Using industry specific tactics, our team serves clients as a trusted advisor, helping them achieve their goals while providing excellent service. From audits and agreed-upon procedures on HUD submissions, to assistance in resolving HUD findings, we are ready to develop your plan to ensure you are in compliance.

Commercial Construction

Looking to construct a plan that addresses the issues your business faces? We’ve built a team focused on your specific needs that provides solution-based services ranging from financial planning, to specific licensing requirements and compliance, that address the distinctive circumstances of the commercial construction industry.


DHW understands how retail, consumer product, dealerships, and restaurants compete in a rapidly evolving industry full of changes and challenges.  Adapting to these complexities has required flexibility and timely solutions to remain competitive and profitable.  DHW’s experienced team understands the factors that are reshaping how these industries operate and can provide you with valuable insight.  We can help your organization take a proactive approach to industry complexities and laws, while making sure you are in compliance and operating efficiently.