We’ve been helping restaurant owners for decades.

Stay competitive and profitable in a radically changing industry full of opportunities and risk.


DHW helps restaurants develop customize strategies that are designed to help reduce costs, increase profits, reduce risk, and enhance the overall consumer appeal of your stores.

What’s on your mind?

  • Reducing operating costs
  • Navigating inflation
  • Controlling inventory
  • Menu mix and profitability
  • Interpreting federal and state taxes
  • Managing wage and benefit costs
  • Attracting and retaining labor

Our Approach

The restaurant industry is changing rapidly and radically.  Recent challenges with the pandemic, supply chain, and ever-evolving consumer tastes and preferences have all had a powerful influence on how restaurants operate.  Add in increasing costs and challenges with attracting and retaining labor and its easy to see why the success rate in the restaurant industry is low. 


To be successful in the restaurant industry, we feel it’s critical that owners be able to anticipate and identify trends and be in a position to quickly adapt and overcome the myriad of challenges that seem to come their way.  DHW’s restaurant industry professionals invest their time in getting to know you and your business.  From there, we can provide insights based on our deep industry experience to help you implement strategies designed to address issues in connection with profitability, taxes, cost efficiencies, risk, and maximizing the overall performance of your operations.

How We Can Help

DHW helps restaurants with traditional tax, accounting, audits, operational consulting and a wide variety of other services and capabilities for and your business.


  • Income tax compliance and planning
  • Audits, reviews and compilation services
  • Bookkeeping assistance
  • Sales and use tax compliance and research
  • Tax credits and incentives
  • Property tax compliance and reviews
  • Cost segregation and fixed asset studies
  • Employee benefit plan audits
  • Inventory and shrink control analysis
  • Menu costing and profitability analysis
  • Federal and state tax examination assistance
  • Transaction support
  • Estate and financial planning
  • Succession planning

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